Artist Opportunities: Grants, Residencies, and Fellowships (May, 2015 – June, 2015)

Listed below are opportunities to apply for residencies, receive grants and participate in fellowships.  Check them out!

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SOHO20′s new Residency Lab aims to foster open dialogue between working artist and visiting public. Cultivating possibilities of gallery as creative incubator, SOHO20’s full exhibition space will be offered to a selected artist as a studio from July 21 – August 22, 2015. The program is designed to support the creation of new work, while offering opportunities to explore notions of the studio practice on view, and active/passive interactions with daily visitors.

 Application Deadline: May 1st, 2015

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Artist Opportunities: Shows and Exhibitions (May, 2015 – June, 2015)

Listed below are opportunities to participate in juried shows and compete for space in group exhibitions.  Check them out!

If you have an opportunity to share, please send suggestions to


In response to the upcoming centennial of the U.S. National Park Service (2016) and the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System (2018), Prefigurative Park Services is seeking proposals for new parks and trails, broadly defined, which contribute to its core mission of preserving political possibility and connecting otherwise. PPS is interested in projects that both interrogate the historical meanings of parks and trails and re-imagine their spatial forms, social processes, and emancipatory functions in the twenty-first century, particularly in relation to unfolding ecological and economic crises.

Deadline: May 1st, 2015

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Spring Graduations: Part Two!

Keeping the tradition of spring’s plentiful bounty, Assets for Artists had another 7 fantastic creatives complete the program and invest their A4A funds! Here’s a little bit about each of them:

de Rosas, EileenEileen de Rosas is a ceramicist making functional pottery and sculpture in terra cotta, glazed in the maiolica style. Her work is inspired by the maiolica work of medieval Italy, especially the studio of Della Robbia, and carries on these ancient traditions in each of her pieces. Eileen teaches ceramics at the New Art Center in Newton, MA and at the Mudflat Pottery School in Somerville, MA. She is now devoting much of her time to “400 Bowls,” a new project that combines her love of ceramics and art education. 400 Bowls is an arts enrichment project taking place at Thompson Elementary School in Arlington, MA. Eileen and Melody Wolf Thomas (a fellow ceramicist and educator) are collaborating with teachers to develop workshops in which students participate in ceramic bowl making and glazing. The students will then donate one of their bowls to Arlington EATS to aid their Empty Bowls event in May! Keep up to date with this wonderful project at their website. Eileen put her A4A investment toward the purchase of a large-capacity, computerized kiln to increase production and create new collections of her functional pottery series. To see all of Eileen’s gorgeous work, head to her website.

Gemma FarrellFarrell, Gemma is a ceramic artist based in Western MA.  Gemma creates functional porcelain forms, such as bowls, plates, and mugs that feature distinctive hand-drawn illustrations. Gemma adorns her ceramic pieces with unique illustrations of human bones, teeth, organs, needles, pins, and scissors. She uses these subtle, minimalist designs in bold shades of red and black to create a modern aesthetic. Gemma currently works as a studio assistant for two ceramists, Laura Zindel and Molly Hatch, and is honing her business and artistic skills to expand her own functional and fine art ceramic start-up. Gemma plans to use her A4A funds to boost the online promotion of her ceramic pieces. To check out some of Gemma’s beautiful pottery, head to her Etsy!

Mizrachi, AliceAlice Mizrachi is a painter and teaching artist based in New York City. Alice creates figurative work reflecting her perspective of the social environment. She seeks to spread empathy through site-specific projects, murals, and paintings that give positive visual responses to social issues affecting neighborhood residents. Alice co-founded YOUNITY in 2006, a women’s art collective that has provided a professional platform for hundreds of women in the arts through exhibitions, panel discussions, mural productions, and youth workshops. Currently, she teaches with such organizations as Hi-ARTSBRIC arts, Material For The Arts, and Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. Alice plans to use her A4A funds to make promotional materials and revamp her web presence! You can stay up to date with all of Alice’s inspiring projects on her website!

Juan Hinojosa is a mixed-media artist who Hinojosa, Juancurrently lives and works in New York City. Juan’s collage-drawings are constructed from found objects and challenge greed, obsessive consumption, and social stratification in American culture. Juan has two upcoming exhibitions: He will be part of an upcoming group show at El Museo del Barrio curated by Rocio Aranda Alvarado, and he has been asked to create a site-specific installation in the galleries of Union College. Juan plans to use his A4A funds to build a stronger social media presence through an updated computer equipment and part-time studio assistant.

McBride, Aaron

Aaron McBride is a musical artist living and working in New York City. Known as A-Thug or A-Thugga to his audiences, Aaron is a rap and hip hop artist with a mission to break up the monopolistic industry’s stranglehold on sound. He recently released a new track entitled “Baddie Queen” about the search to find his “ideal Baddie Queen.” This is the first single from his upcoming project “Rare Stone” coming this summer!  Aaron is also the CEO of Megastar Brand, a marketing and promotional company that caters to independent music artists and small start-up businesses. Using his experience in marketing and branding his own music, he founded Megastar to offer quality promotional services at affordable rates. Megastar provide a unique platform for artists to market themselves through videography, photography, and the Megastar DVD Series which features interviews, promotional content, and videos. Aaron is using his A4A investment to grow and build his Megastar Brand. Check out Megastar at their website, and keep up with Aaron’s latest musical projects at his CDBaby.

Rogers, MargotMargot Rogers is a visual artist and co-founder of Wallpusher, a fine art start-up that designs and manufactures specialized guitars and accessories. Margot’s partner and collaborator, Matthew Rogers, founded the company out of a desire to see functionality, fine art, and innovation in the instrument industry. Wallpusher combines the sculptural with the industrial to make custom guitars out of reclaimed materials, leather accessories, and assorted pieces of art.  Margot will use her A4A capital funds to expand and grow Wallpusher with new production and promotional materials. Check out all of Wallpusher’s products at their website and their Etsy!

Oh, Sung JinSung Jin Oh is an architect and visual artist based in New York City. He is the founder of WOhRKS, an innovative, idea-driven interdisciplinary design studio with place-making at its heart. WOhRKS explores the intersection of art and architecture with a belief that incorporating the work of local artists in architecture is a meaningful way to reconnect our quotidian experience with its context. Sung Jin’s studio seeks to transform ordinary property into a place for personal and collective landmarks, therefore invigorating everyday landscape. Currently, Sung Jin is working on forming “JIX LAB,” an experimental, collaborative design venture with JIX creator Patric Martiz. Together they plan to explore JIX [plastic straw construction system] in architectural scale and to create a design community who shares the same passion. Sung Jin will use his A4A funds to expand his architecture and design studio with larger office/studio space for additional staff members and new artwork production. Check out all of Sung Jin’s work at the WOhRKS website and JIX LAB website.

Well done, A4A artists! We wish you a bittersweet goodbye and we look forward to seeing what you create next!

Spring Graduations: Part One!

Spring is here and we have a quite a few graduations to announce! Assets for Artists recently saw 7 of our fabulous creatives complete the program and invest their A4A funds. Here’s a little bit about each of them:

Falco, PatPat Falco
is a visual artist based in Boston. Called an “artist of the deadpan” by the Boston Globe in 2013, Pat’s work — often based in text and cartoon-like imagery — uses droll humor to expose the absurdity of the art world’s constructed hierarchies. An active member of the Boston arts community, Pat runs the Distillery Gallery in South Boston and Lincoln Art Projects in Waltham, MA. 2014 was a big year for Pat: he had solo shows at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME and GRIN in Providence, RI, and was accepted into the Visual Artist Residency at the Boston Center for the Arts. This summer, Pat will be working on a large-scale, commissioned installation on the Boston Harbor Islands! Pat is using his A4A funds for smaller projects: printing posters, publishing small-run books/zines, and t-shirts/apparel that are on sale online. Check out his website for more of Pat’s work and his web comic, The Strangerer — you won’t be disappointed!

Convery, KimberlyKimberly Convery is a visual artist based  in Portland, Maine. Using simple imagery, repetitive patterns, and heavy texture, Kimberly creates work that hovers between minimalism and “complete chaos.”  She will have a solo exhibition at Engine in Biddeford, Maine, May 29 – July 25 entitled “Everything you know is True.”  Kimberly has been preparing for her upcoming show in a big way: she will be making a series of prints and other merchandise related to the exhibition, as well as developing a lecture series of local artists who will elaborate on the theme of her exhibition. With her A4A funds Kimberly will invest in a new marketing plan and communications outreachTo see all of Kimberly’s beautiful work, head to her website!

Sarah Platanitis is a photographer, lifestyle journalist, and media educator. Her work focuses on the interconnected power of food, humanity, and artistic expression. Her recent creative endeavor, the Women & Food Project, is an iPlatanitis, Sarahnter-media storytelling curation that features impassioned women with great stories to share about their relationship to food. Sarah also offers media readiness workshops for artists and creative-minded organizations. Drawing from her experience as a seasoned journalist, she leads three sessions of media workshops including “Press Ready 101,” “Content Cowboys,” and “Meet, Great, and Speak.” These workshops deliver useful and practical marketing and P.R. skills that are motivating for beginners and energizing for those at intermediate or advanced levels. Sarah plans to use her A4A investment to purchase vital photographic equipment. Check out all of Sarah’s work at her website!

Fay Ku is a visual artist based in NYC. Her 2D work consists of delicately drawn images using graphite, watercolor and ink. Fay creates quiet, intimate Ku, Fayspaces for contemplation and escape through her images. She adapts a mixture of elegant imagery and technical detail that allows each piece to feel intricate without overwhelming the viewer. Fay just finished a six-week Winter Workspace residency at Wave Hill where she continued  her experimentation with layered transparencies of Mylar, which allows for deeper space in her images. She will have a work included in an upcoming group exhibition at the Bruce Museum this summer, and a solo exhibition at the Snite Museum at the University of Notre Dame in the Fall of 2016. Fay will put her A4A capital toward new, specialized studio equipment, furniture, and technology. To check out all of Fay’s fantastic work, head to her website!

Sophie Wood is an interdisciplinary performing artist based in Western Massachusetts. She creates ritualistic, comedic performance events that utilize landscape, light, storytelling, poetry, sculpture, music, and dance. Sophie is also the co-Wood, Sophiefounder of the Royal Frog Ballet, a group of collaborative artists who create performance and installation events on farms and other outdoor spaces. The events produce a unique experience for the audience including community participation with ritual, food, fire, custom props, and seasonal elements. Sophie has also been teaching for over 1o years and continues to co-direct a youth theater program on Shakespeare and clowning techniques — She’s one busy artist! Sophie plans to put her A4A investment toward a new studio, project materials, and documentation equipment. To stay connected with Sophie’s many projects, check out her page on the Royal Frog Ballet website!

Delfino, JessicaJessica Delfino is a musician, comedian, and acclaimed music teacher based in New York City. In 2011, Jessica began YouRockNYC, a community program for young, aspiring musicians. YouRockNYC is part school, part library, part cafe, and part music hall that serves as a community space for musically-inclined young people! Her program offers music lessons, services, instrument rentals, and is a proud sponsor of the annual 4-day local music festival,  NY Funny Songs Fest. Jessica plans to use her A4A funds to assist this exciting start-up. Check out her project here and get rocking!

Ana Dos Santos is a Massachusetts-based jewelry and metalsmith artist and the woman behind GarnetgirlStudio. Her work is hand fabricated with high-quality Dos Santos, Anamaterials using traditional jewelry-making techniques. Ana’s  beautiful jewelry functions to adorn the body and honor special moments. Using precious materials like sterling silver, gold, and various gems and stones, Ana aims to offer creative, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are simple and elegant.  Ana plans to use her A4A funds to expand her collection with 14K and 18K gold. She hopes to invest her funds in a brick and mortar studio/storefront in order to engage with the community and offer basic jewelry-making workshops.  To see all of Ana’s beautiful jewelry, head to her Etsy!

Well done, A4A artists! We’ll miss working with you, but we’re excited to see what you accomplish next.

North Adams Project 2015

North Adams 2015 Project Graphic
MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists program is excited to announce the second round of our North Adams Project!

After several years of expanding to serve artists across the Northeast, the North Adams Project initiative brings our artist support programming back to its hometown. We are offering a variety of funding and educational opportunities to artists looking to set down and deepen their entrepreneurial roots in this exciting creative community.

Marafanyi Downstreet

A4A artists Lara Gonzalez and Yael Shacham of Marafanyi Drum and Dance celebrating at the North Adams Downstreet Art festival, 2014.
Photograph by Stephanie Zollshan | Courtesy of the Berkshire Eagle

Last summer we piloted our first round of the North Adams Project. Our aim was to support North Adams-based artists (established and newly relocated) in growing their financial security and entrepreneurial impact — while simultaneously boosting the cultural economy of the City. As part of that initial round, we had six artists relocate their practice to North Adams and three current residents join our innovative program. Click here to meet them!

If you are an artist currently living and working in North Adams, please visit Current Residents to discover how North Adams Project can help you.

If you’re currently based elsewhere, we we want you to bring your creative practice to North Adams. Check out New Arrivals to learn more about our professional development services and special assistance for those relocating either their home or studio to North Adams.

 Current residents


new arrivals

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