Artist Spotlight: Christy Sherman

Sherman, ChristyChristy Sherman is another fantastic Rhode Island artist and newcomer to our program! Christy is a wildlife artist and polymer clay enthusiast who primarily works in relief sculpture. Christy works with polymer clay for its highly tactile nature in order to create texture and her signature expressionist aesthetic. She enjoys sculpting on a small scale, usually livingSherman, Christy creatures – whether natural or fantastic – and has been incorporating these sculptures into beads, pendants, kaleidoscope bodies, and wall reliefs. Her work captures the gesture and expression of animals, using her rural surroundings in Richmond, Rhode Island as a source of inspiration.

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Artist Spotlight: Maria Scaglione

Scaglione, MariaPhotographer Maria Scaglione is another fabulous new creative in our rural Rhode Island program. Maria creates fine art and commercial photography from her studio in Westerly, RI.

Maria works primarily in portraiture. Maria’s lineage is Italian-American, and many of her portraits feature members of her immediate family, carrying on their old-world traditions in small-town America. Her portraits feature these eclectic, familial characters in intimate spaces; Maria refers to her images as a “small museum of humanity filled with dreams and desires.” Maria’s portraiture is striking both for its eccentricity and its tenderness.

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Artist Spotlight: Susan Medyn

Medyn, SusanSusan Medyn is another of the new artists in our Rhode Island program. Susan is a painter, using primarily watercolor for her instantly recognizable illustrations. She began painting 39 years ago and is inspired by her love of color and whimsical scenes. Her work portrays imaginary worlds, almost utopias, where fantastical creatures reside peacefully and harmoniously. Susan’s images tells stories of parties, dinners, gatherings, walks in the wild, and intimate conversations. She combines these themes of ritual, celebration, and emotional exchanges with colorful, naive imagery to create her sophisticated, splendid scenes.

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Artist Spotlight: Tacey Luongo

Luongo, TaceyTacey Luongo is another of the newest artists in our Rhode Island program! Tacey is a jewelry artist and the creative force behind TaceyDesigns, which she began in 2001 to satisfy her passion for beading. Tacey’s jewelry incorporates beads from around the world, each with a unique history and style. Her work fuses the rich history of beading with contemporary stylings ofLuongo, Tacey semi-precious stones, wood, metal, glass, crystal and leather. Tacey’s  collectible works are designed with an exquisite sense of color, texture, and design.

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Artist Spotlight: Harmony Jusseaume

Jusseaume, HarmonyHarmony Jusseaume is a jewelry and metal artist from Tiverton, Rhode Island. Harmony creates beautiful hand-forged jewelry using 100% recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Harmony began her career as an artist in 2002, when she apprenticed at a glass blowing studio and learned the art of glassblowing, Jusseaume, Harmonyrunning a creative business, and marketing handmade products.

Harmony creates jewelry with a gentle, delicate aesthetic, while holding a quiet strength in its design. She draws inspiration from her daily life and her experiences as a surfer and mother. She finds joy in simplicity and strives to incorporate that aesthetic into each piece.

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