Artist Profile: Otha Day

6 thoughts on “Artist Profile: Otha Day”

  1. Once Otha has visited your school, library, or business and you see his gentle, loving spirit guide hesitant drummers to open up and let their inner drummer shine, you’ll be hooked and telling others to hire him. Our school community has been enriched by his visits in so many immeasurable ways.He’s only been to our school twice, but when the kids see him walking up the path they hang out the school bus windows yelling, “Hi Otha!” He’s our “rock star!”
    Michelle Cusolito
    Chairperson, Rochester Memorial School (Rochester, MA) PTO Cultural Committee

    1. Michelle, I’ll say again here (I’ve also said similar on FB) your support of me and the work that I do and the way that I facilitate Drum Circles has boosted my confidence in ways that I am STILL realizing… THANK YOU for you kindness, support and love of people, music and rhythm. ANDplease give your beautiful and remarkable family a big hug to EACH and you have to say it’s from me!

  2. I’ve known this man for the 20 years that I have been alive. Not only does he have an incredibly unique and attractive way of leading drum circles – he has guided my sister and I throughout our lives with the same uniqueness, the same passion, and the same love. He taught me to love music, to love others, and to love myself. It is so clear to me that I would be a completely different person doing far less important things if it weren’t for my father, Otha Day. I am infinitely proud to call him dad!

    Isaiah Day
    Guilford College, class of 2014

    1. My Son, Isaiah – you make my cry man! I love you OH so much – and you’ve been one of the major lights, touch-stones and guiding-lights of my life….. it’s because of YOU that I really learned how to teach and work with young people…. YOU trained me from the day that you were born. And your presence has meant so very much to me in my life. I THANK GOD for the man (the human being) that you are and I am more proud of you than you will possibly ever understand or know! I love you!

  3. Otha is my Brother and one of my closest friends. He never ceases to inspire me with his abilities, his creativity, and his inspirational charisma. I am so happy to read the positive things you have to say about him because he occupies positive space in my heart. Rock on, Bro.

    1. To anyone who reads this know that my Brother John supported me as a drummer when I was just beginning to do this work…. when I thought that the only way ever to do this was to sit at home and play and only THEN would I have the chops it takes. John is a remarkable and inspirational man who radiates confidence and knowledge. AND loves to support others in their own growth process. On this path of Drum Circle Facilitation, you were at my headwaters supporting and inspiring ME! THANK YOU!

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