9 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

15 thoughts on “9 Tips for First Time Home Buyers”

  1. Glad to find your blog, Blair. I’m wondering if you’ve done any work around low income car ownership (LICO) programs. That’s an area where workforce development and asset development overlap. Research shows that while the car helps a person get to work and meet family needs, getting into a legit bank loan to pay off the car they’re buying combined with financial literacy education is just as valuable for helping people move into the financial mainstream. I’ve blogged a bit about LICO programs – check out the Car Ownership category.

  2. Bronwyn, thanks for the tip about LICO programs. Bonnie CLAC looks like a great organization and I plan to get in touch to see if I can convince someone from up there to come over to the Berkshires to talk with folks here, where transporation issues are also quite difficult. I’ll have to go through your archives and look for other resources and strategies I haven’t thought about before.

  3. Bonnie CLAC is definitely a good program. I interviewed one of their operations folks a while back when I was doing some best practices research.

    Two of the best resources on LICO programs are the LICO Clearinghouse at NEDLC (http://www.nedlc.org), and the research that’s been done at Port Jobs (http://www.portjobs.org). (Full disclosure: I worked on some of that research.) NEDLC just released the results of a new survey of LICO programs that’s quite comprehensive.

  4. i have won one of these lotteries but never here any think about whats going on the houses were suppose to be done 2007 end of year , i went there and have not started the next phase until october and ther is another phase but there is no one to get in torch with does any one know were i can call it was a goverment program thank you

  5. i would like to say thanks for the information it is very helpful. but i was wondering do you happen to have available the same information or were i can go in the chicagoland area to get assistant with down payment like a grant. i’m a first time home buyer and i want to own my own home so bad but i need help and i don’t want to be taken for granted and end up losing my home when i get it. please help i greatly appreciate it.

    thank you

  6. Great info, thanks a million!

    One note- Although Mass Adv Low includes PMI, it is much easier to sell your property vs if you had a Soft Second loan. Soft Second requires that you own property for 7 years before selling.

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  11. Wow, I had no idea that there were so many pricing tools available online. I have been looking for homes, but I wasn’t sure what a fair price was. I can see how using online pricing tools, could help me find a place for a fair price.

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