Down Payment Gifts

2 thoughts on “Down Payment Gifts”

  1. I would like to pipe in about DAP. First I would like to say that my wife and I would not be in a home right now if it wasn’t for Down Payment Assistance. We had jobs, but they just paid the bills and the rent. We wanted to get into a home that we could put much sweat equity into and make it a good investment, but we didn’t have 20% to put down on a home that would not pass a housing inspection. If a home can not pass a inspection (Needs TLC) the lender wants 20%. Also paying $1000 dollars a month in rent would not let us save. The cycle keeps the average american down. Reserving the profitable home purchases for the investor that will turn it into more rental property. America the land of the renters. I found a company that did our down payment. They gave us great service and made the whole process happen. Now we pay $400 a month and have increased the value of our home by at least $30,000 or more. Stunt Loan let us get our foot in the door and buy a fix me up. I hope they don’t take this option away and continue to assist the renting cycle that keep many Americans down.

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