Techno-Poverty Watch: Rising Infant Mortality

2 thoughts on “Techno-Poverty Watch: Rising Infant Mortality”

  1. oh my, yes!!
    didn’t know you were over here, i enjoy reading your wife’s column very much.
    while i haven’t had the chance to read through your links yet, i would wholeheartedly agree that the answer is most certainly empowering all people to the have equal opportunities and rights to the same assets- and it really begins with birth. over and over again we allow cycles of poverty and oppression to occur in this country- a country that should be ashamed of it’s history of treating it’s most marginalized people. i agree, pre-welfare reform programs were as oppressing as what we see happening now with many social service programs being cut. oppression by encouraging depression is how i’ve heard it described.
    thanks for your work- even if you consider what you are saying not the most popular words that make folks feel comfortable, really, that’s the point. shaking it up until it all evens out. i’ll keep reading!

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