Welcome to North Adams

Move over, Portland and Austin… North Adams has been named one of the top US cities (#2, in fact!) for creative 20-somethings. (We know a lot of creative more-than-20-somethings who are thriving here, too.) And last fall, the Boston Globe had a great article about the creative renaissance happening in town.

Downtown North Adams

Once a bustling factory town, North Adams now fosters production and innovation in a new field: the creative economy. Since the launch of MASS MoCA in 1999, North Adams has become a creative melting pot, drawing an eclectic community of artists in search of a dynamic and affordable place to make work.

images-2Big things are happening here, and Assets for Artists wants to get you in on the excitement. We’ve launched the North Adams Project to create incentives and opportunities for artists to relocate their creative practice to North Adams..

If you currently live elsewhere but would consider moving to North Adams with the right enticements, read on.

(If you’re an artist who currently lives or bases your art practice in North Adams, we have a slightly different program for you! Click here.)

What’s This All About?

CC_Maya_Hayuk_MuralCreative entrepreneurs selected to participate in the North Adams Project will be able to benefit from the following opportunities: (1) a “matched savings” program providing seed capital to be invested in the artist’s North Adams-based creative business; (2) professional development services; (3) funds to assist with the process of relocating to North Adams; (4) matching funds (mini grants) to help jumpstart retirement savings or an emergency fund; and (5) free 1-year membership to MASS MoCA and the Clark Art Museum.

See our Application for more details on these exciting opportunities.

Who Should Apply? 

Eligible applicants include creative entrepreneurs in all disciplines — artisans, visual artists, designers, film-makers, photographers, performers, etc. — who are excited by the unique amenities of North Adams and are ready to take their creative business to the next level in a great, supportive community.

You can find our application here. The application deadline is May, 2014.

Questions about your eligibility, Assets for Artists, or the application?               Email us at assetsforartists@massmoca.org

The Assets for Artists program promotes equal opportunity and seeks diversity in its applicants and participants.

Why North Adams?

To learn more about North Adams, the artists who live and work here, and the Assets for Artists program, spend some time visiting the links below:

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